Notohadinegoro Airport in Jember Starts Serving Commercial Flights

Diana Mariska
Notohadinegoro airport in Jember regency, East Java. (Photo: Logistics Cluster)
Notohadinegoro airport in Jember regency, East Java. (Photo: Logistics Cluster) - The Notohadinegoro airport in Jember regency, East Java, has started serving commercial flights after it operated without commercial flights in the last several years.

As reported by Antara, during a soft launching on Thursday, December 22, Jember regent Hendy Siswanto boarded the commercial flight which departed from Juanda airport in Surabaya and landed at Notohadinegoro as the first commercial flight at the airport.

“As we celebrate the National Mother’s Day on December 22, 2022, we also held the soft launching with Jember–Surabaya and Surabaya-Jember flights,” Siswanto said.

The plan used for the flight was a 12-seat Cessna Grand Caravan, and it only took 30 minutes to reach Jember from Surabaya. The regent also revealed that as an effort to support commercial flights in the airport, there will be special ticket price available for the next three months.

As for the schedule, flights are available at 06.00–06.30 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) and 16.00–16.30 from Jember to Surabaya as well as 06.45–07.15 and 16.45–17.15 from Surabaya to Jember.

Siswanto particularly encouraged people in Jember to use the now-existing facility as it’s deemed to be the right option to increase efficiency.

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