A State Secretariat Official Suspended after Wife Got Exposed Flaunting

Aulia Hafisa
Illustration of a state secretariat official's wife flaunting (Twitter/@PartaiSocmed)
Illustration of a state secretariat official's wife flaunting (Twitter/@PartaiSocmed) - A state secretariat official got suspended after his wife got exposed for openly flexing their 'rouse-suspiction' wealth. The mid-ranking official, Esha Rahmanshah Abrar, is being investigated after a Twitter account reposted his wife's published photos of luxury items and car purchase receipts.

"Esha has been suspended from his post to support the ongoing verification into the widely-spread information (about his wife)," state secretariat spokesman Eddy Cahyono Sugiarto said in a statement on Sunday (3/19/2023).

"The state secretariat ministry apologizes to the public for any inconvenience caused by this case," he added.

Eddy explained that the ministry in coordination with anti-corruption and anti-money laundering agencies will investigate the case, promising the results will be announced publicly.

Previously, a Twitter account known for exposing scandals involving public officials and Top politicians, @Partaisocmed tweeted a series of threads exposing photos of luxury items, a luxury car - Mercedes Benz, and a car purchase receipt. The car was an MG 5 GT worth USD 26,500 posted by Esha's wife.

The tweet went viral after netizens knew about Esha's office position, echelon 4 - whose basic salary is USD 305 or Rp 4.7 million per month, questioning from where their wealth comes. Responding to the news, Esha was suspended from his job.

Esha's case came amid public outrage over state officials members who like to flex their wealth, leading a suspicious corruption case that had involved at least four Finance Ministry officials to be investigated in recent weeks.

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