Police Discover 12 Bodies Victims of Shaman, Serial Murderer 'Mbah Slamet'

Aulia Hafisa
The victims of Slamet Tohari Serial Killer [ANTARA FOTO/Idhad Zakaria]
The victims of Slamet Tohari Serial Killer [ANTARA FOTO/Idhad Zakaria] - Police discovered at least 12 bodies on Tuesday (4/5/2023) in the serial murder of Slamet Tohari, who allegedly tricked his victims to multiply their money before they were killed with poisoned drinks. 

A recent investigation of a missing person case led to a suspected serial killer and graves containing at least 10 bodies. The suspect was identified as Slamet Tohari or called Mbah Slamet (Grandpa Slamet), who has killed at least 12 people and buried their bodies near his house in Banjarnegara Regency, 400 kilometers east of Jakarta. 

Police and rescuers came to Tohari's house on Monday (4/3/2023) and found several graves on a site of around 20 square meters nearby. 

The horrific scene came after police on Saturday discovered the burial of Tohari's latest victim, a 35-year-old man, identified as initials PO.

Police began the investigation on March 27 after PO's son reported that his father has been missing for three days. PO sent a message to his son that he was in the Tohari's house. He said that if he didn't come back home within two days, his son should come to the house accompanied by authorities. 

“The victim had shared his location with his son via the WhatsApp message,” Banjarnegara Police Chief Hendri Yulianto told a press conference at his office.

Tohari was known by the victim to magically multiply money. However, it was only a trick. After getting the money, Tohari killed the victim with poisoned coffee when they came to demand their money back. 

After Tohari was arrested, he guided the police to the site where he buried his previous victims.  It’s not immediately known when the killing spree began as the investigation is still in the early stage. Police believed that Tohari killed his victims by mixing drinks with potassium cyanide.

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