Civil Servants Need to Remain Neutral in 2024 Elections: Ministry Official

Arsito Hidayatullah
Some Indonesian civil servants or "ASN" take photos after a ceremony. (ANTARA FOTO/Zabur Karuru/archives)
Some Indonesian civil servants or "ASN" take photos after a ceremony. (ANTARA FOTO/Zabur Karuru/archives) - Deputy for domestic politics at the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Heri Wiranto, emphasized on Tuesday, the need for concerns on the neutrality of state servants (ASN) in the 2024 elections.

"Based on neutrality violation data from the ASN Commission, a total of 122 civil servants have been reported since September 2023, 65 of them have been found guilty and sanctioned," he said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Wiranto said that 48 civil servants are currently under investigation by supervision officials.

"Sanctions were imposed based on the severity of the violations," he added.

He said that between August and October 2023, the General Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) identified at least 11 cases of neutrality violations by election organizers.

"This indicates a potential rise in neutrality violations. Consequently, Bawaslu, as the election supervisor, must strengthen its oversight efforts," he added.

To ensure successful elections in 2024, strong synergy and coordination among ministries and relevant government agencies are essential, Wiranto said.

"This (synergy) is crucial for effectively monitoring and anticipating current issues, ensuring a safe and peaceful campaign period, and preventing social division or polarization," he said.

The most prevalent forms of neutrality violations by ASNs include campaigning or promoting candidates through sharing content, posting comments, liking and sharing content, joining groups, or following the accounts of candidates on social media.

Certain officials have been penalized for various actions, including supporting specific candidates for regional leadership positions, issuing statements of support, collecting photocopies of identification cards, becoming members or administrators of political parties, and participating in the activities or campaigns of candidates.

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