Humanitarian Aid for Palestinians Undergo Packaging at Egyptian Warehouse

Arsito Hidayatullah
The process of packaging humanitarian aid from Indonesia to Palestine at a warehouse in New Cairo, Egypt. [ANTARA/HO-BAZNAS RI]
The process of packaging humanitarian aid from Indonesia to Palestine at a warehouse in New Cairo, Egypt. [ANTARA/HO-BAZNAS RI] - The National Alms Agency (Baznas) has begun the packaging process of humanitarian aid for Palestinians at a warehouse in New Cairo, Egypt, according to Indonesian Deputy Chief of Mission in Egypt, M. Zaim.

"The aid will be delivered using six container trucks. The Baznas and Mishr Al Kheir Foundation are cooperating to pack the aid to facilitate the delivery and distribution processes through the Rafah Gate," Zaim noted in a statement received in Jakarta, as quoted by Antara.

Zaim remarked that at the warehouse, Baznas was packing food and beverages that will soon be distributed to the people in need in Palestine.

He then extended his gratitude to Indonesian students currently studying at Al Azhar University for their support for the provision of the aid.

"Their participation serves as support for this humanitarian effort," he remarked.

Meanwhile, Baznas' Deputy for Collection, M. Arifin Purwakananta, lauded all parties that partook in the assistance distribution efforts.

"The Baznas has committed to keep distributing humanitarian aid provided by the people of Indonesia. The period of aid collections will last until December 31 of 2023," he stated.

Purwakananta expressed hope that the humanitarian aid would provide vast benefits to the people of Palestine currently struggling with difficulties in the midst of Israeli aggression.

"We hope that the spirit and care of the Indonesian nation will shed a ray of hope for our brothers in Palestine," he stated.

He further affirmed that the agency would continue to ensure the transparency of the aid distribution processes in the hopes of the aid significantly helping Palestinians.

"The aggression in Gaza resumed after the ceasefire ended. We hope that the attacks will immediately stop, so that humanitarian assistance can be soon delivered to Palestine's Gaza," he remarked.

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