Japan Earthquake: 147 Indonesians Affected, RI Embassy Provides Help

Arsito Hidayatullah
Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, Heri Akhmadi. [ANTARA/Juwita Trisna Rahayu]
Indonesian Ambassador to Japan, Heri Akhmadi. [ANTARA/Juwita Trisna Rahayu] - The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo stated that it has prepared 120 ready-to-eat food packages and cash aid for Indonesian citizens taking refuge owing to the 7.6-magnitude earthquake that struck central Japan on Monday.

Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Heri Akhmadi remarked in Tokyo on Thursday that the food packages and cash aid are provided to help affected Indonesians to meet their basic needs while staying at temporary shelters.

As of Wednesday, a total of 147 Indonesians are taking refuge at several temporary evacuation points in Ishikawa Prefecture. They need logistical aid, according to the embassy's press statement, as quoted by Antara.

The embassy recorded 38 displaced Indonesians in the Ogi area, 25 in Suzu, 27 in Saikai, five in Wajima, and 52 in Nanao.

Shortly after the powerful earthquake jolted Japan, the embassy officials had attempted to contact Indonesians in affected regions, but several of them could not be contacted easily due to disrupted communication networks.

The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo and Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka continue to coordinate with Japanese authorities and contact Indonesian communities in the affected areas to ensure their condition.

The embassy recorded 1,315 Indonesians in Ishikawa Prefecture, 1,344 in Toyama Prefecture, and 1,132 in Niigata Prefecture.

To help Indonesians in need, the Embassy and Consulate General has launched hotlines +818035068612 (Embassy) and +818031131003 (Consulate General in Osaka).

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