Heroic Action of a Man to Pave the Way for an Ambulance

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A man escorting ambulance (TikTok/Ekoriwis_13)
A man escorting ambulance (TikTok/Ekoriwis_13)

TheIndonesia.id - A heroic action of a man running to pave a way for an ambulance stuck in a traffic jam caught the public's attention. The action happened in Central Java, Indonesia.

The ambulance's driver recorded the man's action through his TikTok account @Ekoriwis_13. In the 36-second-video, the man ran amid the traffic jam after seeing the ambulance, which couldn't move.

The driver said in the caption that he brought a critical patient who had trouble breathing. He was panicked because the patient needed to be at the hospital as soon as possible.

Before the man came, the driver went out of the car, asking the other vehicles to move aside the road. However, it didn't work well. The ambulance couldn't move an inch.

"To the point that I have to get out of the car," said the ambulance driver.

After a while, a man wearing an orange jacket came and volunteered to escort the ambulance. He asked cars, buses, and motorcycles in front of the ambulance to move aside.

Giving a hand gesture while running, the man asked other vehicles to move aside. Slowly but surely, other cars followed the man's instruction to move away for the ambulance.

A man escorting ambulance (TikTok/Ekoriwis_13)
A man escorting ambulance (TikTok/Ekoriwis_13)

More than 2 million TikTok users recently saw the video since it had been uploaded on Wednesday, 27 November 2021.

After seeing the man's heroic action, netizens praised him. They called him an angel because he saved the patient's life.

"May the volunteers be given smooth sustenance and given health for saving people's lives," said a netizen.

"Oh my God, I cried seeing him. He is like an angel. Stay healthy, good person."

"I'm touched to see it. I pray that you stay healthy always."

"I hope someone else will help you in the future," one of the netizens said.

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