A 'Genius' Solution for Gig Workers Who Work for Two Platforms

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Online Motorbike Taxi illustration (Ema/
Online Motorbike Taxi illustration (Ema/ - In Indonesia, online motorbike taxi has a pivotal role in supporting urban life, particularly in crowded and jammed cities. It has become a basic need for citizens seeking faster mobility.

Nowadays, there are many online motorbike taxi platforms in Indonesia; Gojek, Grab, and Shopee. It makes many drivers work not only for one platform but also for two or even three.

They have to wear different jackets that identify each platform. For example, a Gojek driver works for ShopeeFood at the same time. He has to change his coat to a Gojek jacket and Shopeefood jacket to pick up his order.

A Facebook user shared his solution for the motorbike taxi drivers who worked for the double platforms.

Budi Komara Jati Hadiningrat uploaded an inside-out multifunction ShopeeFood jacket that doubles as a Gojek jacket.

"For those who want to combine their online taxi-driver jackets, I'm ready to help," wrote the account.

He offered a service of merging two motorbike taxi jackets into one.

Online Motorcycle Taxi Jacket (Twitter/Yinfutang)
Online Motorcycle Taxi Jacket (Twitter/Yinfutang)

Immediately, his photo went viral on the internet. Many netizens give comments in the comment section.

"A grown-man from Facebook is unbelievable when it comes to creativity," commented the netizen.

"I wish you could combine the identity helmets too, so you don't have to keep changing each other," added another netizen.

"This is a brilliant idea because usually, those who worked for double platforms will definitely not wear a green helmet with an orange jacket or an orange helmet with a green jacket," added another netizen.

"How can you even think about it like that," said another.

"Honestly, it's sad every time I met drivers who worked for different platforms. They're really trying their best to survive and doing what they can. I can only pray for their luck," wrote the netizen.

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