A God-like Parking Skill in a Super Narrow Garage

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Car parking in a narrow garage (TikTok/Kepepettv123)
Car parking in a narrow garage (TikTok/Kepepettv123) - A video of a car parked in a super narrow garage went viral on the internet. A Tiktok user, @Kepepettv123, showed the picture.

The Innova car was shown inside a very tight place. There was even no space for opening the car's door. The rearview mirror was also folded in to avoid the friction wall. The place of the location is unknown, but the car's police number is a West Java registered.

After seeing the car, netizens got curious about how the driver got out from and get in to the steering seat.

"How did you get out of the car after parking it? Through the trunk?" asked one of the netizens.

"How do the people get into the car?" added another.

Apparently, the TikTok user sold the car. He promoted it through the TikTok account. However, many netizens gave attention to his parking skills instead of his selling.

"It belongs to my sibling and is still very well maintained," wrote the user.

Car parking in a narrow garage (TikTok/Kepepettv123)
Car parking in a narrow garage (TikTok/Kepepettv123)

The video went viral on the internet. At least 2.4 million TikTok users have seen the video. Many netizens gave comments in the comment section.

"If I parked the car, the car would definitely be dented," wrote a netizen.

"Change your car to another smaller-car type because it is very dangerous when you face an emergency situation. By smaller car, you can move quickly," said one of the netizens.

"Honestly, I respect people who have this kind of skill. Cool brother!"

"It looks like you are in the video game... you can cut through the car in and out," wrote a netizen.

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