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Garmin User Health Data in Asia 2021 (Doc. Garmin)
Garmin User Health Data in Asia 2021 (Doc. Garmin) - Garmin, a smartwatch brand, measures the users' health status across Asia based on the resting calories (calories burned during sleep) and active calories (calories burned during physical activity) through Garmin smartwatches.

Users can track the total calories consumed and the metabolic changes. The watch also shows real-time health indicators such as stress level, oxygen saturation, and hydration tracking.

They collected the data in Asia from January to September 2021. It was found that users from countries with a higher weekly physical activity had more active calories and resting calories.

Overall, the data revealed that the resting calories of Asians decline significantly in the age of 55 years and over.

Older users recorded more weekly intensity minutes than younger users. So it can be concluded that as people age, they become more aware of their health and are more concerned to start an active lifestyle.

Compared to 2020 data, users in most Asian countries had lower active calories with increased stress levels. That was thought to be the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and outdoor activity restrictions.

The data is collected anonymously for the purpose of long-term observation and understanding the impact of various factors on health.

Based on the physical activity performed by Asian users in 2021, three countries with the highest were found: Hong Kong, India, and South Korea. On the other hand, the three countries with the lowest intensity minutes are Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.

High minute intensity will have an impact on high resting calories as well. The data showed the weekly intensity minutes of the older population is more significant than the younger population.

Therefore, it can be concluded that users are willing to invest more time to exercise regularly every week as they get older.

In most countries, the weekly intensity minutes achieved by men are longer than women. Overall, men's weekly intensity minutes at ages 46-55 were the longest.

However, Indonesia is the only country where female users achieve 3.6 percent higher weekly intensity minutes than male users.

As for active calories, the significance in most countries in Asia decreased compared to last year.

According to the Asian users' stress level data, the countries apart from China and Vietnam have increased compared to last year. The increase of men's stress is more significant than women.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's stress level is the highest in Asia, followed by the Philippines and Malaysia. Compared to 2020 data, Indonesia shows the highest increase in stress, with men aged 26 to 45 years also the highest among other countries in Asia in the same age range.

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