In Bali, Badung Police Threaten Jail for Parking Cars on Side Road

Arfi Bambani
Information dissemination about side road parking ban in Badung, Bali
Information dissemination about side road parking ban in Badung, Bali - The Badung Police Traffic Unit will take firm action against cars and vehicles that park on the side road or sidewalk. This rule is under Article 287 paragraph 1 Number 22 of 2009 of the Road Traffic and Transportation Law.

In that regulation, violators can be imprisoned for a maximum of two months and a fine of Rp. 500,000 ($35). Law enforcement will take place after regulation dissemination for the next two weeks.

"So we socialize first because there are a lot of cars parked on the road, especially in restaurants and stalls that don't have parking spaces," said Head of Traffic at the Badung Police, Adjunct Commissioner of Police Aan Saputra, contacted, Thursday, January 6, 2022.

He said law enforcement is needed because parking on the road is causing congestion. It can cause traffic accidents too.

"It will create vulnerability to traffic jams, accidents and interfere with the rights of other road users," he said.

Police launch the dissemination by distributing masks, stickers, and information to road users. Police appeal to all people to follow the traffic rules and follow the rules.

According to Aan Saputra, law enforcement is widely supported by the community and other stakeholders. This regulation is based on observations in areas such as Canggu, Berawa, Petitenget, to Kapal which often have traffic jams. The reason is that many vehicles are parking illegally on the side road.

"In North Kuta there is Berawa, Canggu Petitenget. Then Kapal-Mengwi, lots of parking on the side road," he said.

Police suggested stalls and restaurants owners in the same area meet and discuss renting land for shared parking. So that visitors do not use the road for parking.

"Perhaps from a warung or a restaurant, an idea came up to meet and rent land for a parking space. It could involve the local village as well," he said.

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