Breast Cancer Fewer Among Asian Women Due to Soy Consumption

Diana Mariska
Soybean (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture)
Soybean (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture) - Recent study shows that higher consumption of soybean among Asian women contributes to lower rate of breast cancer when compared to European women.

In her research, Numlil Khaira Rusdi revealed that soybean derivatives and products work well in preventing the development of cancer and tumor cells, particularly breast cancer cell, in the body because they contain a high concentration of phytoestrogen (ET-Lun).

“The research proves that the consumption of ET-Lun, which also contains phytoestrogen, can prevents and slows the development of tumor,” she said on Wednesday, January 5, as reported by

Although healthy lifestyle remains one of the most defining factors, meal pattern and diet also greatly impact the incidence of breast cancer.

And due to high intake of soybean among Asians, the risk of breast cancer is also lower.

“Asian women are seven times less likely to develop breast cancer, compared to women in Europe,” Rusdi explained.

“The increase in the consumption of soybean products lower the risk of breast cancer. And the protection is also due to continuous consumption [of soybean] that starts from early age,” she concluded.

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