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Here are Top 10 Provinces in Indonesia's Digital Competitiveness Index 2022

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Screenshot of President Joko Widodo while inaugurating the Digital Generation Acceleration Movement in Jakarta on December 15, 2021.
Screenshot of President Joko Widodo while inaugurating the Digital Generation Acceleration Movement in Jakarta on December 15, 2021. - East Ventures' Digital Competitiveness Index (EV-DCI) 2022 shows that increasing digital competitiveness is also experienced by many provinces outside Java. Though the top ten list is still dominated by Java and Bali.

"Although the top 10 rankings with the highest EV-DCI scores are still dominated by provinces in Java and Bali, other provinces continue to show a fairly good increase in competitiveness," said the Katadata Insight Center expert panel, Mulya Amri, at an online press conference on Monday, March 7, 2022.

EV-DCI 2022 presents digital competitiveness data in 34 provinces and 25 cities/districts in Indonesia. Digital competitiveness in regions in Indonesia continues to show a positive trend.

This can be seen by the EV-DCI 2022 score of 35.2, which has increased compared to the previous year, which was 32.1 (2021), and the previous two years, which was 27.9 (2020). The decline in the digital competitiveness gap is also evident from the smaller spread value.

The spread value or the difference between the highest province scores (DKI Jakarta 73.2) and the lowest (Papua 24.9) for EV-DCI 2022 is 48.3, while in 2021 and 2020 they are 55.6 and 61.9, respectively. "The smaller the spread value indicates an increase in the digital competitiveness of the provinces in the middle and lower ranks," said Mulya.

East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index 2022
East Ventures Digital Competitiveness Index 2022


EV-DCI is a mapping of regional digital competitiveness formed from three sub-indices, nine pillars, and 50 indicators. Its constituent sub-indices are input, output, and support, with pillars of human resources, use of information and communication technology (ICT), ICT expenditure, economy, entrepreneurship and productivity, employment, infrastructure, finance, and local government regulations and capacities.

DKI Jakarta has the highest EV-DCI 2022 score, with a score of 73.2. Meanwhile, the second and third positions were occupied by West Java and Special Region Yogyakarta with scores of 58.5 and 49.2.

In addition, East Kalimantan is one of the provinces outside Java that made it into the top 10 at 7th place with an increase in score of 4.5, with an EV-DCI 2022 score of 44.0.

Apart from East Kalimantan, several provinces outside Java experienced a fairly good increase in digital competitiveness. For example, Bengkulu experienced the highest increase in the 2022 EV-DCI score compared to the previous year, which was 7.8 points to 39.1. The increase in the score brought Bengkulu up seven places, to 12. West Papua and Lampung also showed a significant increase in digital competitiveness; rose 11 places to 19th and six places to 20th respectively.

Co-founder and Managing Partner of East Ventures Wilson Cuaca stated that the EV-DCI report is not a comparison of digital competitiveness between each region, and instead, is the guidance for all stakeholders, including government, regulators, business players, and investors, to continue putting efforts into further enhancing the digital pillars and bettering the supporting pillars in the digital economy sector, to create an even distribution of digital economy in every Indonesian region.

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