An Indonesian Football Club to Bring Mesut Ozil, Ronaldinho

Arfi Bambani
Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil - RANS Cilegon FC is still trying to bring Fenerbahce midfielder Mesut Ozil to Indonesia, after successfully persuading Ronaldinho to enliven the club nicknamed The Prestige Phoenix soon. Ozil was not presented to defend the club chaired by the famous Indonesian YouTuber, Raffi Ahmad.

"Ozil is still in communication. However, if Ronaldinho is 99.9 percent he will come," said Chairman of RANS Cilegon FC Raffi Ahmad, in Jakarta, Monday, April 11, 2022.

Ahmad conveyed this during the introduction of Rahmad Darmawan as head coach of RANS Cilegon FC which was broadcast live via the club's official Instagram account. However, the arrival of the former Real Madrid and Arsenal player is not to defend RANS Cilegon FC in the Liga 1 competition next season, but only for an "exhibition match" pre-season event that will be held shortly.

"Ozil is being discussed. The possibility of playing is small. However, Ozil has a chance to come to the event. This is still an exploratory process. Ronaldinho is easier," said Raffi.

Ronaldinho is planning to join RANS Cilegon FC in July to play in the pre-season event as an effort to brighten up Liga 1 next season. The AC Milan and Brazil legend retired in 2015 after three years without playing for a club, and Fluminense is the last team to feature the Ballon d'Or winner.

Ronaldinho won various prestigious titles ranging from the Champions League, LaLiga, Serie A, to the World Cup, and had won the Ballon d'Or in 2005. "The two players (Ronaldinho and Ozil) were not brought here to play (permanently) here," said Ahmad.

Previously, Raffi conveyed the certainty of Ronaldinho's arrival in the mini-tournament in pre-season held by RANS Cilegon FC, inviting three clubs, namely Persis Solo, Arema FC, and Persija Jakarta. The pre-season event was in preparation for Rans Cilegon FC, as well as for charity.

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