Singapore, Favorite Choice of Indonesian Travelers for Eid Holidays: Agoda

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Singapore's skyline during a sunset
Singapore's skyline during a sunset - Indonesian tourists still make domestic travel their main choice during this year's Eid celebration week. After that followed Singapore, the United States, and Malaysia as the next destination countries.

This is based on Agoda's booking data collected on April 11, 2022, with a check-in date of 1-14 May 2022. Quoted from Agoda's official broadcast, Friday, April 29, 2022, domestic travel is also still a favorite for tourists from Malaysia, the Philippines, and India, each preferring destinations available in the country.

Meanwhile, Singaporean tourists are more interested in exploring the newly opened border and making neighboring Malaysia, the top-ranked destination for this Eid.

Still, according to booking data from digital travel platform Agoda, Thailand and Singapore are the most popular regional destinations for tourists for this year's Eid holiday. Thailand leads the list of the top five destinations for all countries. Followed by Singapore which is a popular destination for tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Indonesia and Malaysia each emerged as favorite destinations during Eid in both countries. For international destinations, tourists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines flock to countries with colder air. United Kingdom (UK) and the United States emerged as destination choices. While Indian tourists seek a warmer climate, placing the Maldives in the top position, followed by the United Arab Emirates.

Top ten destinations in five ASEAN countries for Eid Holidays
Top ten destinations in five ASEAN countries for Eid Holidays


A comparison of booking data for the Eid holidays in 2019 (check-in date 1-9 June 2019) and 2022 (check-in date 1-14 May 2022) shows a shift in the top ten destination choices in each country.

In 2019, Japan was one of the top destination choices, ranking as the second most desirable destination for Filipino tourists and third for Indonesian, Malaysian, and Singaporean tourists. However, this year Japan was forced to drop out of the top 10 list as the country is still closed to tourists.

Other favorite destinations in 2019, such as China and Hong Kong, also did not make the top 10 this year due to border closures. This shows that countries that are quick to loosen restrictions and open their doors to foreign tourists can benefit from international tourist arrivals this holiday season.

This year's top destination data also shows that travelers are choosing to travel further. Simple countries such as France, Turkey, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates emerged as top destination choices. Switzerland, known for its fine chocolate and stunning views of the Alps, is in the top 10 destinations in all countries.

With most of the country's pandemic status shifting towards endemic, the easing of restrictions came as a breath of fresh air and joy for many, especially as they prepare to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, a celebration widely shared with families and marking the peak of Ramadan for Muslims.

For many countries, this year's Eid celebrations marked the first time since the start of the pandemic, Muslims were able to travel freely, regroup and celebrate, following the easing of travel restrictions. May is also a popular month for tourists throughout Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and India) because the first two weeks of this month there are three holidays, namely Labor Day (1 May), Eid al-Fitr (3-03). 4) May), and Vesak Day (May 16), which is a golden opportunity to travel.

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