Indonesia Needs Strong Regulations to Back Up Kratom Business

Indonesia Needs Strong Regulations to Back Up Kratom Business

"Kratom is still under the process of determining its classification. Whether it will be classified into the narcotics group (or other groups), we in principle follow the decisions of the Ministry of Health and the National Narcotics Agency."


There is a Chance for Medical Marijuana in Indonesia: Deputy Minister

Arfi Bambani
Deputy Minister of of Law and Human Rights Edward O.S Hiariej
Deputy Minister of of Law and Human Rights Edward O.S Hiariej - Indonesia's Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Edward O.S Hiariej said there is a very strong debate about the use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, he sees a potential for marijuana to be allowed for treatment.

"Some states in the United States have legalized marijuana after a doctor from Oxford University was able to process marijuana into a drug," he explained before the parliament of Indonesia, Jakarta, May 23, 2022.

However, he said, if you pay close attention, the first and foremost aim of the Narcotics Law is not to eradicate illicit narcotics trafficking, but to ensure the availability of narcotics for the benefit of knowledge and health. "There is a health aspect, so it is possible that marijuana is used for treatment, it can be accommodated," he said.

Deputy Minister of Law stated this before the House of Representatives Working Committee (Panja)on the revision of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics. Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Arsul Sani questioned the government's attitude regarding the use of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) which is intended for treatment.

"There are a lot of suggestions and inputs from the public regarding marijuana for treatment, I want to know what the government's response is," he said.

According to him, it is undeniable that to some degree, marijuana can be part of medicine. So the extent to which the government opens space for this.

"I'm sad too, if cases like Fidelis in Kalimantan are repeated, who planted marijuana for his wife's treatment, then processed criminally, he went to prison and his wife died," said Arsul reminded.

Fidelis' wife is diagnosed with Syringomyelia which according to some medical journals can be treated with marijuana extract. Fidelis planted some marijuana in his house and extract it for his wife's medical treatment. He finally got caught and imprisoned. His wife died during his trial.

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