Jakarta to Integrate Ride Sharing with MRT System

Jakarta to Integrate Ride Sharing with MRT System

Jakarta-owned public transportation enterprise PT JakLingko Indonesia, as the manager of the intermodal payment system, has prepared an integrated tariff for online motorcycle taxis, which will be implemented in mid-August 2022.


Viral Video of Two Men Making Out, a Cafe in Jakarta is Sealed

Arfi Bambani
WOW Cafe in Pancoran, South Jakarta
WOW Cafe in Pancoran, South Jakarta - The South Jakarta Metro Police stated that officers from the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) sealed the WOW Cafe in Pancoran, in the aftermath of a viral video showing two men making out. The perpetrators had done this before at the same cafe.

"Yes, this will officially be sealed from the local government," said Head of Criminal Investigation at the South Jakarta Metro Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Ridwan Soplanit when contacted by Antara in Jakarta, Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Ridwan hopes that the sealing of the WOW Cafe can provide a deterrent effect because the reported party has done it twice. In addition, this sealing is in order to provide sanctions to cafe owners who fail to maintain the security of their business premises.

The officers will close the cafe if they find evidence at the crime scene (TKP) that violates the elements of Article 281 of the Criminal Code related to indecency. According to Soplanit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) actions that are disrespectful in public are bringing detrimental effects on many people.

"Some people who show it harm the public from the various things described in Article 281 which we will examine later," he said.

Previously, Andri Laksono, the owner of the WOW Cafe promised to improve the safety of the cafe and proposed guidance to the government to minimize the incident so that it would not happen again. Andri emphasized that the cafe was not permanently closed. They will use this temporary closing for coaching employees.

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