Indonesian Rock Climber Kiromal Katibin Sets World Record in Switzerland

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Indonesian rock climbing athlete Kiromal Katibin
Indonesian rock climbing athlete Kiromal Katibin - Indonesian rock climbing athlete Kiromal Katibin set another world record with a record time of 5.04 seconds in the men's speed number qualifying round at the Speed and Lead World Cup event in Villars, Switzerland, Friday (30/6) local time.

On the official website of the International Rock Climbing Federation (IFSC), it was stated that Kiromal Katibin had twice broken records in Switzerland. Before posting 5.04 seconds, on the same day, he first bulldozed a 15-meter high wall with 5.09 seconds.

The record in Switzerland was better than the men's speed number in the qualifying round at the World Cup International Sport Climbing (IFSC) in Salt Lake City, United States (US), Friday, May 27, with 5.10 seconds. This is the fifth time overall or the third time this year Katibin's name is recorded as the world record holder for the men's speed number.

Katibin's first time establishing himself as a world record holder was when he appeared in Salt Lake City, on May 28, 2021, with 5.25 seconds. Then the record was broken by fellow Indonesian athlete Veddriq Leonardo on the same day with 5.20 seconds. Then, Katibin returned to world-record holder status on May 6, 2022, in Seoul, South Korea by 5.17 seconds before sharpening it in Salt Lake City on May 27, 2022.

Meanwhile, in the qualifying round for the Speed and Lead World Cup in Switzerland, Katibin was ahead of two Chinese representatives Long Chao and Jianguo Long who finished second and third with 5.21 seconds and 5.21 seconds respectively. Another Indonesian representative, Veddriq, was in eighth place with 5.37 seconds and followed by Alfian Muhammad Fajri in the ninth position with 5.43 seconds and Rahmad Adi Mulyono below him with 5.45 seconds.

Meanwhile, Zaenal Aripin is in 15th place after recording a time of 5.57 seconds. Then Aspar who posted 5.59 seconds was in 17th position. Katibin and his friends will still continue the race in the final which is scheduled to take place on Friday at 9:00 local time or this afternoon WIB.

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