Startup Noice Partnering with MoEngage to Serve Insight Based Engagement

Arfi Bambani
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Startup illustration (Photo: Shutterstock) - Indonesia-based audio app Noice has partnered with MoEngage to engage the app's listeners through insight-based engagement. Noice is an application that offers viewers local content in various formats such as podcasts, radio, and audiobooks. Through this collaboration, Noice effectively adapts its onboarding flow to get listeners to complete their sign-up process.

Noice leverages messaging channels such as email (email), push notifications, and in-app notifications to remind its listeners of new episodes being released so that listeners can consume more content.

Noice's VP of Marketing & Partnership Virginia Fransiska said the partnership with MoEngage can help the app gathers the right insights, optimize the onboarding process, and provide a superior listening experience for our listeners to enjoy their screen-free moments.

"We hope to grow our audience and provide them with an unparalleled listening experience with MoEngage which has always supported our audience engagement and retention," Virginia said in a press release received in Jakarta, Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Meanwhile, Associate Director for Enterprise Sales of MoEngage Divya Jagwani said, "We welcome the partnership with Noice and support their mission to offer listeners enjoyable screenless moments. We are committed to assisting Noice in doubling the number of subscriptions through our insight-based customer engagement platform,” said Divya.

Noice differentiates itself from other audio streaming platforms by focusing on podcasts, audiobooks, radio, and live audio as opposed to music. As an audio-based application, improving the orientation process and building good listening habits is important for Noice which will later contribute to an increase in the number of subscribers and retention.

Noice noted successful collaborations with community leaders and top influencers in the first three years, such as Vincent Rompies, Desta Mahendra, Andre Taulany, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Jerome Polin, Deddy Corbuzier, and many others. Earlier in April this year, Noice had raised $22 million in Series A funding led by Northstar, Alpha JWC, Go-Ventures, and Kinesys.

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