Teachers, Students Tested Positive for COVID after Joining School in Bali

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School illustration (Shutterstock) - Dozens of teachers and students were tested positive for Covid-19 after joining the in-person school in Denpasar. Regional Commissioner of the Child Protection (KPPAD) Bali, I Kadek Ariasa, revealed that COVID-19 had infected 31 students and 6 teachers.

The case made 19 schools temporarily close their face-to-face learning (PTM) to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

The Denpasar COVID-19 Task Force recorded that 31 elementary and junior high school students tested positive, and six teachers got COVID-19.

Kadek Ariasa urged the schools that conduct in-person classes to tighten the health protocols. The community should not forget the implementation of the health protocols even though the Covid-19 cases had sunk lately.

According to him, either online or offline learning wouldn't have a chance to transmit the Covid-19 cases as long as all the parties are disciplined to implement the health protocols.

"The health protocols are applied not only for children but also for parents and teachers because they are the main transmission source due to their high mobility," he said to Antara.

The Bali Province KPPAD will coordinate with Child Protection stakeholders to take a firm step to prevent more comprehensive Covid-19 transmission.

In addition, he supports the Bali Provincial Government in conducting random tracing to ensure the data of children who are likely to be infected without symptoms.

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