4 Art Markets You Have To Visit in Bali!

Aulia Hafisa
Sukawati Art Market (Instagram/Peramatour)
Sukawati Art Market (Instagram/Peramatour) - The Island of Gods houses a truly fascinating culture that has become one of the most sought-after charms for worldwide travelers. Another way you can experience Balinese culture is by buying their arts. 

Looking for the best place to hunt Balinese arts? Here are the 5 must-visit art markets in Bali recommended by The Ministry of Tourism!

1. Kuta Art Market

At one of the most popular beach destinations in the world known for its surfing and sunbathing spot, you can find a market that sells a myriad of authentic Balinese handicrafts. 

A wide array of souvenirs such as t-shirts, sandals, keychains, fridge magnets, sarongs, as well as gorgeous paintings made by skilled local artists, are available for you to be brought back home.

2. Art Market Kumbasari

As one of the largest art markets in Denpasar, Kumbasari has become a well-known landmark of the city. 

Situated across the Badung River, this sprawling market sells countless handicrafts sourced from various painters and craftsmen across the island. 

What’s better, if you stay at the market until the sun goes down, you will encounter numerous food stalls selling scrumptious local delicacies too!

3. Badung Market

Located not too far from Kumbasari Art Market, Badung Market is also the largest traditional market in Denpasar. 

The market has been established as the city’s main source of daily needs, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, spices, and even traditional or religious ceremonial equipment. 

Unlike many markets around the city, this longstanding market offers non-cash payments! 

What’s more interesting is 18 wi-fi spots can also be used while you’re shopping around here!

4. Sukawati Art Market

Located in the Sukawati district, this legendary art market has been renowned for its huge selection of high-quality yet affordable Balinese souvenirs. 

As you set your foot at Sukawati Art Market, you will immediately be greeted by the sight of colorful paintings hanging side by side and stacks of various wooden handicrafts. 

In the back section of the market, you can also find a wide range of oils and aromatherapy that are guaranteed to soothe your mind.

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