Brit Found Dead in Landfill River Path, Denpasar

Arfi Bambani
Police evacuate British citizen corpse from a river in Denpasar
Police evacuate British citizen corpse from a river in Denpasar - A foreign national from the United Kingdom, initials MA, was found dead in the Suwung Final Disposal Site (TPA) River, Serangan area, Denpasar, Bali. Previously, he said to his partner about going to a bar in Legian, Kuta.

"Based on his girlfriend's statement, the victim had said goodbye to a bar in Legian, Kuta, but until the morning, the victim did not give any news," said South Denpasar Police Chief Police Commissioner I Gede Sudyatmaja in a press release received in Denpasar, Bali, Sunday night, April 3, 2022.

Police are still investigating the cause of the death. Further investigations are still being carried out by requesting statements from witnesses. The body is being deposited at the Sanglah Central General Hospital, Denpasar.

After an examination of the victim's body, it was found that the injuries were suspected to have been caused by the victim falling from the motorbike into the river. Police also found a wallet containing his identity in the form of a driver's license in the victim's name, Mandiri ATM card, post office cards, IDR 600,700 cash, and a COVID-19 vaccination card.

According to Indah Prihartini, his girlfriend, the victim said goodbye to go to a bar in Legian Kuta, Badung by using a motorcycle alone. "At around 01.00 Bali time, the victim sent a WhatsApp message to his girlfriend and said 'now I'm going home'. However, the victim did not arrive home until the morning and when he was contacted by his cellphone, it was not active," said the police chief.

At the scene of the incident, the victim's body was found floating in the Suwung river flow by a man who was about to leave for work on Sunday (3/03) around 10:00 Bali time. At that time, said the police chief, the witness saw something floating while lying down. After the witness approached, it turned out that it was a corpse in a floating condition.

Knowing this, the witness immediately called residents to help evacuate the victim's body. The police are coordinating with the victim's consulate for further processes.

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