A Hospital in Bali Now Treats Patients Who Fall Ill from Black Magic

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Hospital illustration (Photo:
Hospital illustration (Photo: - The Bali Mandara Hospital in Denpasar, Bali, can now treat patients who fall sick from black magic, in addition to treating other sicknesses and diseases.

As reported by, the regional public hospital has currently announced that it accepts patients that are sick from non-medical causes, including black magic, as it now has healers (including a pharmacist) who specializes in usadha or Balinese traditional medicine.

“Our existence in this hospital is not to replace medical treatment, but to help physicians detect the non-medical sources of a patient’s illness that can hinder the medical treatment,” PIC and practitioner of traditional health at the hospital Gede Suardana said, as reported on June 6.

Since it was first launched in March this year, the traditional health polyclinic has treated more than 100 patients that come from different regions, including Java and Bali islands. The majority of them reportedly had been undergoing years of medical and non-medical treatments without showing any improvements.

Suardana, meanwhile, studied pharmacy but has been learning traditional medicine for 14 years through Balinese script and literature. And through the knowledge, he revives patient’s inner power that has weakened due to black magic. Afterward, patient’s and God’s power will be unified to release foreign object inside the body.

When a patient comes to the polyclinic, a nurse will conduct a series of initial health assessment that includes body temperature and blood pressure checking – among others. Patient will also be asked to explain the history of their condition, and medical staff will explain the method that will be used to treat the patient.

Patient’s body will then be revived with certain passage from Balinese script to wake their inner power.

If the inner power awakens, the non-medical illness will move.

“We will be able to screen this moving energy as well as detecting which part of the body is affected by the non-medical power since that part of the body will feel hurt,” Suardana explained.

The length of treatment is varied, with some patients who suffer from relatively minor illness can see improvement after two to three visits. However, more serious illnesses, such as disability, might require seven visits or even more.

Patients that suffer from chronic diseases might be asked to mutih in which they only consume mineral water and rice for three days to strengthen their inner power and weaken the non-medical force. After the body is free from non-medical object, the treatment will follow with acupuncture.

Hypnosis might also be required to help patients reclaiming their own mind and body.

Suardana explained that when the non-medical source of an illness cannot be detected during a medical diagnosis, a physician will need the expertise of a traditional medicine practitioner. However, the field hasn’t been entirely accepted within the medical community.

Bali Mandara Hospital became the first hospital that combines traditional medicine or non-medical treatment as an alternative.

Suardana said it’s a good start as medical and non-medical treatment are closely related.

“The remaining of non-medical treatment will be cured by the medical one to create an optimized treatment,” he said, adding that post-treatment assessments have been showing satisfactory results.

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