Australian Dies in Accident in Bali, Allegedly Drunk

Arfi Bambani
Information dissemination about side road parking ban in Badung, Bali
Information dissemination about side road parking ban in Badung, Bali - The Badung Resort Police evacuates an Australian citizen who was found dead in a ditch, suspected of being the victim of a single accident on Jalan Bumbak, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Sunday. The victim's name is Keith Thomas Coughlan (27).

"Today, July 24, 2022, at around 05.10 Central Indonesia Time, the body of a foreign man was found in a ditch. It is suspected that the victim lost control (while riding a motorcycle)," said Head of the Public Relations Section of the Badung Police, First Inspector Ketut Suardana in Denpasar, Bali, Sunday, July 24, 2022.

A local resident named I Wayan Sumertha (42), at around 05.10 Central Indonesian Time, when passing by the scene, saw something odd in the ditch. Then the witness stopped and took his cellphone for lighting and saw a black Honda Vario Techno motorcycle in the gutter. In the ditch, the witness saw the legs of the victim who was thought to have died. He immediately contacted the local security forces to visit the crime scene (TKP).

Meanwhile, I Wayan Rudita (45), a resident of Anyar Kelod Village, Kerobokan Village, North Kuta District, Badung, said that while he was at home, the witness received a call from the public who gave information that a dead foreigner was found in a ditch. Furthermore, at 06.00, he arrived at the TKP and immediately checked and it was true that there was a foreigner who was suspected to have died.

Knowing the condition, the witness then contacted the police. At around 06.30 WITA, the Small Complete Unit (UKL) team from the Badung Police through the North Kuta Police immediately processed the crime scene and examined the witnesses. The victim's body was evacuated at 07.15 using an ambulance belonging to the Badung Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency to Sanglah Hospital.

From the crime scene, the police then secured a number of pieces of evidence in the form of a cellphone, a wallet containing two Rp100,000 bills, two ATM cards belonging to the victim, and a Honda Vario motorcycle with Police number DK 2891 FBE that the victim was driving.

"The victim died, an Australian citizen, in a ditch in front of Villa Number 28 A, Jalan Bumbak, Anyar Kelod neighborhood, Kuta, it is suspected that he lost control because at the TKP there were marks of a collision on the gutter wall," said First Inspector Ketut Suardana.

In addition, said Ketut Suardana, police found seven bottles of beer at the crime scene, confirming the suspicion that the victim was drunk while driving a motorbike. The lack of street lighting at the scene so was making the victim could not clearly see the condition of the road. At the incident, the victim's position was hit by his motorbike and there were no witnesses to see so it was too late for him to get help.

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