Nearly 1 Kilogram of Cocaine Seized from Three Foreigners in Bali

Arfi Bambani
Kuta Beach in Bali. (Photo:
Kuta Beach in Bali. (Photo: - The Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN) confirmed they had confiscated nearly 1,000 grams of cocaine from three foreign nationals in tourist areas in Denpasar and Badung, Bali. The head of BNN Bali, Brigadier General of Police I Gde Sugianyar Dwi Putra, said the cocaine had been used and distributed to users in sachet packages.

However, Sugianyar, who was met with reporters at the closing ceremony of the 11th Bali International Choir Festival, in Badung, Thursday night, July 28, 2022, could not provide more detailed information because BNN Bali is still investigating the findings, including examining the network and origin of the cocaine. However, it is presumed that the cocaine found in Bali came from Europe and possibly Panama, Central America.

“From a temporary analysis, the average user (cocaine) is a foreigner, because the price is expensive. In Bali, the average price of methamphetamine per gram is less than IDR 2 million ($138), while cocaine can cost IDR 4 million to IDR 5 million per gram,” he said.

Therefore, BNN believes that cocaine users in Bali are a group of people who can afford it considering the price is quite expensive. He added that the three foreigners who had and used cocaine were still being held by the Bali BNN for further investigation.

The Head of BNN, Commissioner General of Police Petrus Golose praised the work of BNN Bali. "I thank BNN Bali for its work to save this beloved island," said the former head of the Bali Police after closing the festival.

He conveyed that he had specifically instructed the BNN in the province and its staff in the field of eradication to monitor and take firm action against the circulation of cocaine in Indonesia.

The head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) several months ago had also traveled to meet authorities in countries believed to be the world's cocaine production centers in Latin America to form cooperation to crack down on and prevent narcotics trafficking. "I saw (cocaine circulation) from Colombia down to Ecuador, then down to Argentina, then to Panama," he said.

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