Police Arrest A Man for Allegedly Using QR Code To Steal Donations

Aulia Hafisa
Ilustration of QRIS
Ilustration of QRIS - Indonesian police arrested a 38-year-old man (4/11) who allegedly stole charity donations by placing fake QR stickers in public places. The donations were directly sent to his private account. The suspect had committed the crime at 38 locations such as mosques, fuel stations, and supermarkets since April 1st. 

"We have uncovered three accounts belonging (to the suspect)," the director of Jakarta Police's special crimes division, Chief Commissioner Auliansyah Lubis said.

The following investigation revealed that the suspect has collected at least Rp 13 million (USD 874) by redirecting the donations to the suspect's private accounts. Investigations are still underway to identify whether the man is part of a systematic criminal organization. 

Quoting Antara, the case was initially revealed last Sunday (4/9) when a mosque manager lodged a police report after noticing the suspicious QR codes at Nurul Iman Mosque in Blok M Square, a mall in South Jakarta.

The mosque manager and the cleaner inspected the entire mosque premises and found 24 more false QRIS stickers.

The fake QRIS stickers were pasted over the mosque's legitimate QR stickers, beside the existing QR stickers, or placed on an empty wall. 

QRIS is a standardized QR code for payments approved by Bank Indonesia which works across various e-wallets and banking apps. 

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