US Foreign Minister Blinken to Visit Indonesia

Arfi Bambani
Antony Blinken when he was a deputy advisor of US National Security Council in 2013
Antony Blinken when he was a deputy advisor of US National Security Council in 2013 - United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken will present the US strategy for the Indo-Pacific during his visit to Jakarta on December 13-14, 2021. U.S. Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs on the National Security Council Kurt Campbell said that Blinken's visit to Indonesia, which will be followed by visits to Malaysia and Thailand, underscores the United States' commitment to stronger cooperation with countries in the region.

 "He will launch elements of the Indo-Pacific strategy that will enhance the US role in Southeast Asia," Campbell said at the virtual opening of The 9th US-Indonesia Investment Summit as quoted by Antara news agency on Monday, December 13, 2021.

Campbell emphasizes that the Indo-Pacific cooperation strategy should be open and optimistic. The United States seeks to engage in a broader cooperation agenda ranging from disease management, security, freedom of navigation to increased trade and investment. The US wants to send a clear message to play an important and sustainable role in the Indo-Pacific in a wider field of cooperation. 

"So this is not an engagement that would offer a military approach. Our goal is to have a more diverse and balanced approach," Campbell said. 

The US was trying to carry out basic diplomacy and high-level approaches by many members of the government including Foreign Minister Blinken. During his visit to the region, Blinken will also discuss the planned visit of ASEAN leaders to Washington to discuss issues of mutual concern and future cooperation between the US and ASEAN. 

In Jakarta, Blinken will also follow up on talks between US President Joe Biden and Indonesian President Joko Widodo which have been held several times. "When we talk about the most important countries to measure the results of our (cooperation), then the partnership with Indonesia is considered very important," said Campbell.

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