List of 180 'Radical' and 'Intolerant' Preachers Released

Diana Mariska
Preacher Felix Siauw (Photo: Instagram/@felixsiauw)
Preacher Felix Siauw (Photo: Instagram/@felixsiauw) - A list that includes the names of 180 “radical” and “intolerant” preachers was leaked days after President Joko Widodo warned the army and the police to be cautious before inviting preachers to speak at public events.

After his name was mentioned in the list of preachers who shouldn’t be invited for their alleged radical view, preacher Felix Siauw addressed the issue on his Instagram account.

On Sunday, March 6, he reminded the public that this wasn’t the first time he was included in such list, having been previously mentioned in the 2017 list.

“In 2017, I got the second place of radical figure after Rizieq Shihab, and this year I’m in the second place again,” he wrote. “I wonder when I would be placed first?” he asked jokingly.

Shihab is the leader of Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and topped the 2017 list of radical preachers while former spokesperson for the now-defunct Hizbut Tahrir M. Ismail Yusanto topped the list this year.

North Sumatran preacher Abdul Somad was also included the list.

Previously, during his speech on March 1, President Joko Widodo reminded the National Military and National Police to help preventing “radical preachers” from speaking at public events.

“It’s not possible for the wives [of military and police personnel] to gather and invite just any preacher on behalf of democracy,” Widodo said as reported by

“In the military and police, it won’t be allowed. [Everything] has to be coordinated by the unit, even the smallest matters. Be cautious and avoid inviting radical preachers.”

How to Identify Radical Preachers

Meanwhile, the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) has also revealed four indicators of a radical preacher.

First, they preach anti-Pancasila narrative and appear to be pro-transnational ideology of caliphate. Second, they also teach takfiri and accuses other groups with different view or belief as apostate.

Third, a radical preacher will instill anti-government views through hate and distrust as well as propaganda, hate speech, and hoax. And lastly, they are also intolerant and tend to be part of exclusive groups.

“To identify the characteristics of [radical] preachers, we shouldn’t focus on their appearance, but rather on the content they deliver and their perspective that tend to clash religious issues with nationality, culture, and diversity,” director of prevention at BNPT Ahmad Nurwakhid said on March 5.

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