Iftar Gathering Ban for Public Servant Sparks Backlash

Aulia Hafisa
Iftar gathering illustration (Pixabay)
Iftar gathering illustration (Pixabay) - A presidential prohibition on iftar gatherings for civil servants during Ramadan facing backlash from Islamist parties. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo instruct the policy to prevent the spread of Covid-19, saying Indonesia is transitioning from a pandemic to an endemic, and caution was therefore needed to facilitate this.

It was stated in the letter of the Cabinet Secretary of the Republic Indonesia Number 38/Seskab/DKK/03/2023 which was signed by Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung on Tuesday (3/21). The ban on iftar gatherings has drawn responses from Islamic parties.

One of them is the Head of the Islamic organization MUI, Cholil Nafis. He believed the policy was inappropriate. 

"The ban of iftar gatherings, even if it is only for institutions, is inappropriate and not in accordance with our religious traditions," said Cholil Nafis in a Twitter @cholilnafis as quoted Friday (3/24/2023).

The same response was also expressed by the Islamic party chairman of PBB, Yusril Ihza Mahendra. The constitutional law expert said that he was worried that the ban could actually become a counter to the claim of the anti-Islam government.

"I am worried that the letter will be used as material to corner the government and accuse the government, President Jokowi, of being anti-Islam," Yusril said in a written statement, Thursday (3/23/2023).

The presidential cabinet response

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)

Responding to the public outcry, the presidential Cabinet secretary Pramono Agung Wibowo defended the policy on Thursday, saying the policy aimed to promote a modest lifestyle among civil servants. 

Besides, President Jokowi's directives were intended for the common good because this Ramadan is in a transitional period from the Covid-19 pandemic to the Covid-19 endemic. 

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