Illegal Logging Occurs in 33 Hectares of Protected Forest in Kuansing

Diana Mariska
Confiscated timber from illegal logging in Riau. (Photo: Foto:Antara/ HO-Humas Polda Riau)
Confiscated timber from illegal logging in Riau. (Photo: Foto:Antara/ HO-Humas Polda Riau) - The environment forestry office in Riau province reported that only 12 hectares out of 45 hectares of protected forest in Kuantan Singingi, or Kuansing, regency were able to be protected from the occurrence of illegal logging that’s still rampant in the area.

Head of the office Makmun Murod said illegal logging continues to take place, and perpetrators have penetrated protected forest in Kuansing.

“Illegal loggers are rampant, and they entered protected forest by using heavy equipment. The office and law enforcers have established an integrated team to protect the forest area,” Murod said on Monday, March 7, as reported by Antara.

He said different attempts have been made by concerning units to put a stop to illegal logging in the regency, but it appears that further works must continue.

“We confiscated all timber, secured illegal refineries, and found two heavy equipment. We brought an excavator to our office, but a bulldozer was found broken in the middle of forest and was unable to be moved. [We later learned that] its parts were taken by loggers to make the engine stop working,” Murod explained. After all officials left the location, the parts were re-assembled, and the office is still working to find the bulldozer’s whereabouts.

Lastly, he also emphasized that the environment forestry office will never collude or negotiate with illegal loggers.

“We hope that in the future protected forest can be the source of livelihood for the people, and we’re working towards that goal,” Murod concluded.

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