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Rukita acquiring (Photo: Rukita)
Rukita acquiring (Photo: Rukita) - Property technology (proptech) startup Rukita announces that it has acquired and has revived the rental listing site since February 2022.

Prior to the acquisition, was part of Djarum Group-owned venture builder GDP Venture. It officially announced the closure and end to’s operations on December 31, 2020.

After acquired by Rukita, the site has been revived with a number of adjustments to its design. It’s also prepared to offer more than a million properties in its listing and serve more than 50,000 rental property owners.

“Through the acquisition, we’re able to serve more consumers and boarding house owners across Indonesia with This is one of a series of business expansions by Rukita in 2022,” Rukita’s co-founder and chief technology officer Xu-Zonne Ho said on Monday, March 14, as reported by Antara.

Rukita already has 13 million users since it was first launched in mid-2019. It was started with property management service Brand Rukita and was followed with property marketing service RuOptions.

And in 2021, Rukita launched a number of innovations, including Rukita and Rumanage apps as well as Rukita Mods.

The startup said it will continue to create innovations and new features for to serve all of its consumers and property owners.

“In the future, we will continue to develop the latest innovations and features on website, so we can provide the best service and a more seamless process to refine boarding houses rental for everyone,” it announced.

Rukita is on the track to be the leading proptech startup after previously being selected to join the sixth cohort of Sequoia Capital India's accelerator program Surge. 20 startups join the program, with total funding amounts to US$60 million from Surge and co-investors.

“Rukita ensures high occupancy, happy tenants and improved asset yields for landlords by ensuring consistency of quality along with creation of spaces and experiences designed to build a sense of community,” Surge wrote on its website.

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