Central Bank Targets 15 Million Consumers to Use Indonesian Standard QR

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QR code illustration (Photo: Shutterstock)
QR code illustration (Photo: Shutterstock) - The Indonesian central bank said it targets 15 million consumers in Indonesia to shift to the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, or QRIS, and make it the preferred payment method as authorities continue to encourage cashless payment system.

Head of Bank Indonesia (BI) North Kalimantan province Ricky Perdana Gozali confirmed BI aims to make QRIS more widely used in in Indonesia and in the province, with at least 15 million and 200,000 consumers are expected to use the method nationwide and province-wide, respectively. Relevant strategies have also been implemented to realize the vision.

“For the 200,000 users [in North Kalimantan] in 2022, we’ve made strategies for the whole region in the province,” Gozali said on Wednesday, May 11, as reported by Antara.

Furthermore, he also revealed the plan set out by authorities to make all transactions digital in the next five years.

Therefore, Bank Indonesia will continue to promote the use of QRIS to reduce cash transactions and assist consumers in the country to make payment from their phones.

Gozali revealed network continues to be an issue for Indonesia to establish a cashless society, but Bank Indonesia and related institutions have reportedly agreed on a number of collaboration to improve network that seeks to support national digitalization.

The capital of North Kalimantan Samarinda also continues to introduce QRIS to consumers, and the city’s traditional market Pasar Merdeka became the first of its kind to use cashless payment system.

Before QRIS was officially launched at the market earlier this week, 111 out of 179 vendors had been using the method in their business activities.

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