Indonesia's New Capital Nusantara Can Become 'World's Best City'

Diana Mariska
West Java governor Ridwan Kamil
West Java governor Ridwan Kamil - West Java governor Ridwan Kamil said Indonesia’s new capital has the chance to be the world’s best city, both from environment and design perspectives.

Kamil said because Indonesia is building the capital from scratch, it has the chance to incorporate the best plans and designs to make it one of the top cities globally.

“This is a chance to be world’s best city. System-wise, it has to be smart, green, and zero carbon. Secondly, from design perspective [it also has the chance to have that of a best city,” Kamil said on Monday, March 14, as reported by Antara.

In addition to that, he said this is also a monumental moment for Indonesia as there has never been a city built and developed entirely by a state.

The governor also reminded that it will take years for Nusantara to realize its vision as a modern and green country.

“Cities in the world were all started from a vision. Some visions were realized in 10 years, and it’s a bit unrealistic to expect them to be completed under 10 years. It takes time, and I hope the public don’t expect it to be finished in three to five years,” he added.

Upon the completion, the Indonesian government will likely face a challenge of persuading Indonesians to voluntarily move to the new capital. And providing sufficient facilities is seen as the only way the government can ensure the migration to happen.

President Joko Widodo previously appointed Bambang Susantono as Nusantara’s head of authority. Kamil said he’s optimistic that Susantono has the capabilities to build the capital that will meet public’s expectation and the President’s vision.

“I trust the head of authority [with the matter]. I’m good friends with Pak Bambang as we both went to Bandung Institute of Technology [ITB] and [continued education] in the United States. I’m sure he will be successful,” Kamil commented.

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