Get in, We're Transitioning!: Jakarta Starts Endemic Phase, Gradually

Diana Mariska
Public activity in Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto)
Public activity in Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta. (Photo: Winanto) - Jakarta government said the province has gradually started the endemic phase of COVID-19 and will continue to further ease social and mobility restrictions in the coming period.

Deputy governor Ahmad Riza Patria said Jakarta has taken a number of steps to prepare its residents for transition phase, including allowing larger capacity for different social activities.

“Now, we’ve entered the endemic phase step by step,” Patria said on Thursday, March 24, as reported by Antara.

100 percent capacity is now allowed in public transportation, and full capacity is also planned for in-person learning activity at schools. Furthermore, dining at wedding reception is also now permitted.

Earlier this week, the central government announced that Indonesians who are fully vaccinated and have received booster jabs can return to their hometown (mudik) to celebrate Idul Fitri. President Joko Widodo also gave a green light to congregational tarawih to be performed at mosques.

“What’s not allowed is breaking the fast together, especially for civil servants. That was what communicated by Mr. President,” he continued.

Patria said he expects the public to still follow COVID-related rules and implement necessary health protocols because the situation remains very dynamic and may change quickly. For example, COVID-19 cases has been increasing sharply in China.

“So the treatment is different in each country. Saudi Arabia has allowed Muslims to perform umrah, and hopefully hajj will be allowed to. There’s no social distancing, and people are only asked to wear mask. Quarantine is also abolished for those who are vaccinated,” he concluded.

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