Gov't to Allocate More Than US$480M Cash Aid for Cooking Oil

Diana Mariska
Queue for cooking oil in Ngawi, East Java. (Photo: Beritajatim)
Queue for cooking oil in Ngawi, East Java. (Photo: Beritajatim) - The Indonesian government has announced that it’s allocating Rp6.95 trillion (US$484 million) for direct cash assistance (BLT) for more than 23 million poor households in Indonesia hit by cooking oil shortage and price crisis.

Director general for budget at the Ministry of Finance Isa Rachmatarwata said the cash assistance for cooking oil will be included in two different social assistance schemes, so the budgeting is expected to be finalized faster.

First, BLT for cooking oil will be included in the food aid program where Rp6.2 trillion is allocated for 20.65 million households.

In addition, BLT for cooking oil is also designated as part of cash assistance scheme for street vendors, kiosks, and fishermen, or BT-PKLWN. The government will distribute Rp750 billion for 2.5 million households.

Each household will receive Rp300,000.

“We can use the budget that we’ve distributed to the Indonesian military and police for BT-PKLWN and the Ministry of Social Affairs for the previous Family Hope Program and food aid receivers,” Rachmatarwata said on Friday, April 8, as reported by Antara.

He assured that his office, together with the aforementioned institutions, will continue to monitor the allocation, and if there’s lack of allocation, cash distribution will continue in the coming months.

As mandated by President Joko Widodo, cash assistance for cooking oil is targeted to be distributed during Ramadan up to a week before Idul Fitri.

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