House Approves New Members of Central Information Commission

Diana Mariska
Central Information Commission (Photo: Ministry of Communication and Informatics)
Central Information Commission (Photo: Ministry of Communication and Informatics) - The House of Representatives has approved the seven new members of Central Information Commission, or KIP, for the 2021-2025 period upon fit and proper test by Commission I.

During a plenary meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, present members of the House approved the seven individuals to be the new KIP commissioners.

Vice chairperson of Commission I of the House Abdul Kharis said the commission carried out fit and proper test for 21 candidates on March 28-29, and upon the test, the seven individuals were selected.

The seven new KIP commissioners are Arya Sandhiyudha, Donny Yoesgiantoro, Handoko Agung Saputro, Rospita Vici Paulyn, and Syawaludin from public element as well as Gede Narayana and Samrotunnajah Ismail from government element.

Commission I also approved three reserve members: Nani Nurani Muksin and Endra Mayendra from the public and Netty Herawaty from the government.

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