Indonesia Is World's Biggest Tuna Producer, but Not Biggest Exporter

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Tuna (Photo:
Tuna (Photo: - The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries said Indonesia is the biggest tuna, skipjack, and cob producer in the world, yet it’s not even in the top five of world’s largest exporters.

Director of marine and fisheries product marketing at the Ministry Erwin Dwiyana said Indonesia leads global production of tuna, skipjack, and cob with 15 percent – with the national production growth even exceeding global average growth.

“Indonesia’s production increased by about 3.66 percent, or higher than global growth at 3.42 percent,” Dwiyana said on Tuesday, April 19, as reported by Antara.

According to the Ministry, the Philippines is the second biggest producer and produces 7.3 percent of total fish in the world, and it’s followed by Vietnam (6.6 percent) and Ecuador (6.1 percent).

However, despite its massive production, Indonesia still fails to become the world’s largest tuna exporter and is placed in the sixth place with 5.33 percent of global share in 2020, according to ITC Trademap.

Thailand is the world’s biggest exporter with 17.73 percent, followed by China (8.45 percent), Spain (8.20 percent), Ecuador (7.98 percent), and Taiwan (5.57 percent).

From January to December 2021, Indonesia’s main export destinations for tuna, skipjack, and cob was the European Union (28.8 percent), ASEAN (24.7 percent), Japan (17.9 percent), and the United States (8.7 percent).

Dwiyana said price, products, and service are some of the persisting challenges that cause Indonesian tuna remains less competitive and hinder the country from becoming a bigger player in global fisheries industry.

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