More Than 64,000 Migrant Workers Have Arrived in Indonesia for Idul Fitri

Diana Mariska
Indonesian migrant workers from Malaysia at Batam Centre.
Indonesian migrant workers from Malaysia at Batam Centre. - More than 64,000 Indonesian migrant workers, or PMI, have reportedly arrived in Indonesia to celebrate Idul Fitri in their home country, the latest data reveals.

The Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Board, or BP2MI, confirmed that 64,811 PMI have returned to Indonesia between January and April this year, and 12,134 workers are also expected to return in May when their contracts end.

“From January 1 to April 12, 2022, 64,811 PMI have safely arrived in Indonesia amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” head of BP2MI Benny Rhamdani said on Tuesday, April 26, as reported by Antara.

The figures include those working under the private-to-private (P2P) scheme and cooperation with private sectors at 59,917 people.

There also 2,845 workers under the government-to-government (G2G) scheme, 1,902 who work under individual scheme, and 147 who work in their company’s branch abroad.

Rhamdani also revealed that BP2MI is expecting the repatriation of 12,134 Indonesian workers from 24 countries as their contracts will end in May.

This includes workers from Taiwan (6,023), Hong Kong (3,760), South Korea (1,741), and the remaining 610 workers in 21 countries.

“BP2MI has held meetings with the technical implementation units across Indonesia, especially those that are the centers for Indonesian migrant workers who returning by air, sea, or through land borders. All have declared their preparedness with personnel assigned at location,” Rhamdani ensured.

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