Local Electric Motorcycle Gesits Eyes Australian, Philippine Markets

Diana Mariska
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: Antara)
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: Antara) - The producer of Indonesia’s locally developed electric motorcycles Gesits is studying possibilities to market the vehicles in Australia and the Philippines in an effort to expand the business and introduce the products to international market.

Gesits’ manufacturer PT WIKA Industri Manufaktur (WIMA) confirmed that it has sent the products to a number of countries to try and get into the markets.

“We’ve been working to enter countries like Australia and the Philippines, and we’ve also sent product samples there. Hopefully, in the near future, we can enter their markets,” WIMA’s director of finance Irsal Shaleh Matondang said on Monday, May 2, as reported by Antara.

Currently, Gesits has exported 38 units of electric scooters to Senegal while WIMA has received orders for 200 and 250 units to Senegal and Nigeria, respectively.

According to Matondang, Gesits continues to develop and improve the products, including by installing battery management system (BMS) that can prevent overcharging and short circuit on batteries.

An app has also been launched to help owners analyze and maintain their vehicle’s health.

And in a grander scope, Matondang said Gesits continues to collaborate with other stakeholders to improve the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in Indonesia, including by working to add the number of battery swapping stations (BSS) to attract more customers to shift to EV.

Lastly, he added the popularity of electric motorcycles is growing among Indonesians, and the positive trend shouldn’t be halted due to limited supporting infrastructures.

“Therefore, WIMA continues to contribute in developing the EV ecosystem. When it’s ready and available in different regions, I believe the public will be interested to use electric motorcycles,” Matondang concluded.

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