Expert Suggests Temporary Suspension of Cattle Transport Over FMD Scare

Diana Mariska
Cattle infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, or FMD, in East Java. (Photo: Antara)
Cattle infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, or FMD, in East Java. (Photo: Antara) - An animal expert has called for the temporary suspension of cattle transport after more than a thousand cattle in four regencies in East Java have been infected with the foot-and-mouth disease, or FMD.

Professor at Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Wasito said the transport of cattle from regions in which the disease has been found should be temporarily halted to prevent further spread to other provinces.

“Stop the transportation of raw or processed agricultural products,” Wasito said on Monday, May 9, as reported by Antara.

Aside from stopping the movement of cattle, the movement of humans from the infected area must also be closely monitored.

Bio surveillance on all livestock that might get infected with FMD is also considered urgent, including on wildlife at zoos.

“They have to be isolated, and the serotype must be found. Sequencing and phylogenetic must also be conducted,” Wasito urged.

Furthermore, vaccination and disinfection must be carried out within the outbreak locations.

The professor also revealed a number of symptoms that are commonly found on infected cattle, including fever as well as blister and sores on the mouth, tongue, nose, foot, and teats – and lesions between the hooves.

Infected cattle usually experience depression, reluctance to move, and loss of appetite, and eventually, it will result in decreased milk production, weight loss, and poor growth.

The East Java province has reported confirmed cases of FMD within its area. The first cases were reported in Gresik regency on April 28 in which 402 cattle were infected with FMD.

And on May 1, 102 cattle in Lamongan and 595 cattle in Sidoarjo regencies were confirmed to have contracted the diseases.

And lastly, on May 3, the province confirmed 148 cattle in Mojokerto were infected with FMD.

East Java governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa has confirmed that authorities would prepare medication and vaccination program in the four regencies, and limited depopulation on cattle with FMD would be done in accordance to the Ministry of Agriculture’s regulation.

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