Livestock Market in East Java Still Closed as FMD Outbreak Scare Continues

Diana Mariska
Cattle farm in Wangun village, Cianjur, West Java. (Photo: Noviandi)
Cattle farm in Wangun village, Cianjur, West Java. (Photo: Noviandi) - The local government of Tulungagung in East Java has decided to extend the closing of livestock market in the regency, which was initially planned to reopen at the end of this month, to contain and anticipate further spread of the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the region.

The livestock market in Tulungagung was first closed on May 13 and would be reopened on May 31, but upon follow-up discussion, the local government announced that the market will continue to close until June 12.

“The decision was taken after coordination meeting and communicating the foot-and-mouth disease [to the public],” Tulungagung regent Maryoto Birowo said on Tuesday, May 24, as reported by Antara,

The viral disease that continues to spread widely in regions across Indonesia was the main consideration behind the decision.

Even though no confirmed case has been reported in Tulungagung, its government saw it necessary to temporarily block the transport of livestock from other areas and closing down the local livestock market.

“Livestock market is temporarily closed to anticipate FMD, and dealers from out of the regency is temporarily banned,” Birowo said.

In addition, similar markets in villages within the regency are also currently closed, and the regency has established FMD posts at farming centers.

The news about recent FMD outbreak is taken very seriously by Tulungagung government since, according to Birowo, the regency has a number of milk production centers, including in Sendang and Pagerwojo subdistricts.

Based on Tulungagung livestock office, there are 25,000 dairy cattle, 144,000 beef cattle, 207,000 goats, and 10,500 pigs in the regency.

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