20 Containers on Shipwreck in Strait of Malacca Evacuated

Arfi Bambani
A barge wrecked in Strait of Malacca
A barge wrecked in Strait of Malacca - The Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) evacuated 20 containers from a barge that almost sank in the waters of the Malacca Strait, Riau Islands. This barge sank due to bad weather.

"The evacuation of these 20 containers involved personnel from the Tanjung Balai Karimun Marine Security and Safety Monitoring Station (SPKKL TBK) and Marine Guard Volunteers (Rapala) using the Indonesian Bakamla Rapala ship," said Head of SPKKL TBK Lt. Col. Bakamla Slamet Handhi Rahadiyono through a written statement received by ANTARA in Batam, Sunday, May 29, 2022.

He stated that the cause of the accident which was towing the Marcopolo 188 barge loaded with 195 containers, was suspected to be bad weather. "Strong winds and strong waves were also the cause so that cargo in the form of containers fell into the sea," he said.

After the evacuation of the 20 containers, Slamet said he would continue to coordinate with the Indonesian Navy, Air Karimun Police, and the National SAR Agency to follow up on the results of securing the containers.

He explained that this incident began when the towing ship Mega Daya 43 that pulled TK Marcopolo 188 was sailing from Perawang Riau to Singapore. On the way, the captain of TB Mega Daya 43 instructed the crew to shorten the towing rope. But at that time the barge was seen tilting to the left with an angle of about 30 degrees, then the captain gave directions to extend the towing rope again.

Due to bad weather, the Chief Officer of TK Mega Daya 43 communicated with the office and the captain to immediately change course to Karimun Island to ask for permission to run aground the barge. "During the towing process to Karimun Island, some of the containers on Barge Marcopolo 188 had fallen into the sea because the condition of the ship had tilted," said Slamet.

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