Aceh Gov't Uses Local Electric Motorcycle Gesits as Operational Vehicles

Diana Mariska
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: ANTARA/HO)
Gesits electric motorcycles (Photo: ANTARA/HO) - The local government of Aceh province has assigned locally developed electric motorcycle Gesits to be part of its fleet of operational vehicles in an effort to support national ambition to reduce carbon emission.

The Aceh government is set to distribute Gesits units for officers across 23 regencies and municipalities, who are tasked to collect industry-related data and conduct surveys in the province. As reported by Antara, the local government ordered 37 units of electric scooters through the National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP) with the aim to reduce operational costs as well as to support local products. In addition, Aceh also sought to introduce energy efficient vehicles to its public.

“Therefore, we’re ready to participate in and support the full implementation of electric vehicles in Indonesia by 2050,” Aceh governor Nova Iriansyah said, as reported by Antara on Sunday, May 29.

President director of Gesits’ manufacturer PT WIKA Industri Manufaktur (WIMA) M. Samyarto added the program is part of the company’s synergy with local governments to accelerate EV and advance its ecosystem in Indonesia.

“Aceh becomes the first province that uses electric motorcycles GESITS as its operational vehicles. This is our shared pride, and collective synergy makes Aceh a role model for other provinces in Indonesia to support national energy security, by using eco-friendly vehicles,” Samyarto said.

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