Arkadia Digital Media Reports 30% Increase in Profit and New Board Members

Diana Mariska
PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk's board of directors and board of commissioners. (Photo: Winanto)
PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk's board of directors and board of commissioners. (Photo: Winanto) - PT Arkadia Digital Media Tbk (DIGI) has reported 30 percent increase in profit and changes in the company’s board during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPST).

The RUPST, which was followed with a Public Expose, was held in Jakarta on Wednesday, June 8, and saw the announcement of new names into the board of directors.

Suwarjono was appointed as the company’s president director after previously being its interim CEO while company secretary Erfan Suryono was announced as a director.

Meanwhile, Stephen Kurniawan Sulistyo will continue his role as president commissioner with Iwa Sukresno Karunia as commissioner and Ariyo Ali Suprapto as independent commissioner.

“On this occasion, on behalf of the company, we’d also like to thank Bapak William Martapura for his dedication and service during the time as president director,” Sulistyo said.

During the event that was also held online, new CEO Suwarjono announced that Arkadia recorded 30 percent increase in profit in 2021.

“The profit increase was at 30 percent, or Rp45.5 billion [US$3.2 million], compared to the previous year at Rp35.5 billion. This is surely a positive achievement,” Suwarjono said during the event.

He also noted that after launching video-focused portal Clickmov in March, Arkadia also has a number of plans and agendas to be developed in the coming period, including a new content platform for partners and content creators.

“There are some new things that we’ll start through partnership scheme. [It has been running] in the last month or so. We continue to perfect it, and hopefully, this works well and can create positive results for both the company and our partners,” Suwarjono explained.

Arkadia’s news portal will also continue to be developed with at least 10 new regional offices expected to operate by the end of this year, in a committed effort to build network with content creators and journalists across the country.

“As well as the refocusing of whose business direction will become clear by the end of this year. We’re also planning the development of that has been serving English contents and is targeted to become the cooperation hub between Arkadia and numerous global institutions,” he revealed.

“In the future, Arkadia will continue to develop its platform that will become the hub for all news and other products. The ecosystem won’t be only solid in content production, but also in media ecosystem, by building membership system, reinforcing community of readers, and even machine learning.”

Lastly, Suwarjono explained that Arkadia will also focus on developing agency, production house, event organizer, and media education institute.

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