A Japanese Woman Wounded After Fighting Back Muggers in West Jakarta

Diana Mariska
Suspects NA (22) and MFR (20). (Photo: ANTARA/Ho-Polres Jakarta Barat)
Suspects NA (22) and MFR (20). (Photo: ANTARA/Ho-Polres Jakarta Barat) - The Tambora Police has confirmed that a Japanese national was wounded after she fought back while being attacked by two muggers in Tambora, West Jakarta.

“The victim was wounded after fighting back,” chief of Tambora Police Pol. Commissioner Rosana Albertina Labobar said on Tuesday, June 14.

Victim Satomi Oki was walking home from work in Kota Tua area, West Jakarta, on the evening of Monday when suspects NA (22) and MFR (20) came on a bike while looking for a target.

The two spotted Oki and waited for her to pass the quieter Roa Malaka street in Tambora. They then got off the bike and pointed a sickle to victim while trying to take her bag.

Oki tried to fight and was wounded in the head.

Suspects then managed to flee with the bag.

Upon report, police immediately tracked down the suspects, and they were arrested while working as parking officers in Tamansari, West Jakarta, on the same day.

They were charged with article 365 of the Criminal Code on theft and violent crime and are threatened with at least five years of imprisonment.

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