Dozens of Rescued Monitor Lizards, Snakes Released in West Papua

Diana Mariska
Monitor lizard illustration (Photo: Shutterstock)
Monitor lizard illustration (Photo: Shutterstock) - The Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) West Papua recently released 30 reptiles into the wild after the rescued animals went through quarantine period and considered ready to return to their natural habitat.

As reported by Antara, head of BBKSDA West Papua Budi Mulyanto said the majority of reptiles that were released were monitor lizards and snakes, and most of them were endemic Papuan animals.

The dozens of animals were seized during operations carried out by the BBKSDA and the Sorong Kota Police. They have reportedly undergone quarantine and already got a nod to return to the wild.

Mulyanto added that the rescued animals were nonvenomous, so they were released to Sorong Nature Tourism Park. They will continue to be closely monitored by staffs from any illegal or dangerous human activities.

Aside from staffs, the police and military personnel are also involved in securing the location – as well as the local residents.

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