German President Visits President Jokowi

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President of the German Federation Frank-Walter Steinmeier meets President of Indonesia Joko Widodo
President of the German Federation Frank-Walter Steinmeier meets President of Indonesia Joko Widodo - President Joko Widodo mentioned the visit of the President of the German Federation Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Indonesia to commemorate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The two met in the Oval Office, Bogor Presidential Palace, this Thursday.

"This year, we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening of Indonesia-Germany diplomatic relations. This is a momentum for Indonesia-Germany to strengthen relations," said President Jokowi during a bilateral meeting, Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Before holding a bilateral meeting with each of the delegations discussing the bilateral economy, President Jokowi and President Steinmeier held a face-to-face meeting "tete-a-tete" (four eyes). "I noted various series of activities celebrating the 70th anniversary, including a contemporary art exhibition in collaboration with the Indonesian Artists Group, Ruang Rupa, which will be opened by President Steinmeier," said President Jokowi.

President Jokowi conveyed his welcome to President Steinmeier and the German entourage in Indonesia. "Of course, it is an honor for me to receive this visit and at the face-to-face meeting, we have discussed many things, both regarding Indonesia-Germany relations and the current world situation," said Jokowi.

Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Germany were officially opened on June 25, 1952, so this year the two countries officially commemorate the 70th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations. President Steinmeier's entourage arrived on Wednesday, 15 June 2022, at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and will be in Indonesia until 17 June 2022.

Previously, President Steinmeier visited Singapore on 13-15 June 2022. The focus of this visit is to discuss investment, trade, energy transition, and cooperation between the G20 and the G7 in which Germany is the Chair of the G7 and Indonesia holds the G20 Presidency in 2022.

Before arriving at the Bogor Palace, President Steinmeier paid a tribute at the Indonesia Third President BJ Habibie cemetery at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, Jakarta. Habibie was famous for his closeness with Germany.

Offer Electric Vehicle Investment

Jokowi also invites Germany to increase investment in high-tech industries, including the Indonesian electric vehicle industry from the upstream to downstream sectors. "I invite the German industry to develop a semiconductor factory in Indonesia," said Jokowi.

The President states that semiconductor chip factories in Indonesia can become part of the global supply chain. In addition, the President also offers to invest in the green industrial sector in Indonesia.

"I reiterate the offer to Germany to build a German Industrial Quarter in an industrial area in Indonesia," said Jokowi.

Jokowi and Steinmeier discussed several other agendas, such as cooperation in developing human resources for industry 4.0. Indonesia, said Jokowi, will again become the Official Partner Country of the Hannover Messe in 2023, which is the largest trade industry exhibition in the world with the main topic of industrial development.

The two leaders also discussed cooperation to tackle climate change. Jokowi appreciated Germany's support in the construction of the Green Infrastructure Initiative worth 2.5 billion euros, and the construction of the world's mangrove center which was just inaugurated a few days ago.

Jokowi and Steinmeier also discussed cooperation to overcome the economic impact of war in Ukraine and cooperation to maintain stability in the Indo-Pacific region. "I also encourage the strengthening of cooperation to overcome the impact of the war in Ukraine, especially for food and energy, as well as related to cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. I again emphasize the importance of inclusive regional architecture that prioritizes collaboration, not containment, in the spirit of multilateralism cooperation and peace," said President Jokowi.

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