A One-Ton Crocodile Evacuated After Found Near Village in SE Sulawesi

Diana Mariska
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque)
Crocodile illustration (Photo: Pelaez Duque) - Authorities evacuated a 4.3-meter crocodile that weighed around a ton after it was found on a river bank close to residential area in Ambuau Indah village, Buton regency, Southeast Sulawesi.

According to Prihanto, a representative from Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) in the province, the office first received report that members of the public had caught the crocodile on a river bank, not very far from where the locals live.

“It was feared that the crocodile would harm people nearby, so they caught it with nylon rope. After it was caught and tied, they called us to request for evacuation,” Prihanto said on Saturday, June 25, as reported by Antara.

A team of six rescuers from BKSDA Southeast Sulawesi Region I Baubau was then deployed to evacuate the animal.

The reptile was suspected to be coming from a river in the village, and the frequent rain in the last few days was thought to result in overflow that helped the crocodile to move to the river bank.

Besides the BKSDA, the evacuation also involved the military, police, village officials, and locals. The croc was successfully evacuated at 3.00 p.m. local time after a two-hour evacuation effort.

The animal reportedly would be taken to the headquarters of BKSDA Southeast Sulawesi in the city of Kendari to be then released into its habitat.

“In regards to the location of where it will be released, we will coordinate with colleagues at BKSDA in Kendari whether it will be released in conservation area or into its natural habitat which is safe and located far from residential area,” Prihanto explained.

Lastly, BKSDA also warned people against doing too many activities, such as fishing, during the rainy season, especially in locations that are the natural habitat of crocodiles.

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