Mother Demands Marijuana Legalization to Treat Child with Cerebral Palsy

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Mother holding out sign to demand medical marijuana legalization to treat child with cerebral palsy. (Photo: Twitter/andienaisyah)
Mother holding out sign to demand medical marijuana legalization to treat child with cerebral palsy. (Photo: Twitter/andienaisyah) - A mother in Jakarta has gained attention after pictures of her holding out sign demanding the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes went viral over the weekend.

During car free day (CFD) in Jakarta on Sunday, June 25, mother Santi Warastuti participated in the event while holding out sign that read “Help, My Child Needs Medical Marijuana”.

Famous Indonesian singer Andien then posted Santi’s picture and story to her Twitter account, and it quickly drew the public’s attention.

“During CFD, I met a mother with her child (who seemed to be ABK [children with special needs]), [and she] brought a poster that I think is very daring. She cried when I approached her,” Andien wrote on Sunday, June 26, as reported by

She continued that Santi’s child Pika suffers from cerebral palsy, and the most effective treatment is by using cannabidiol or CBD oil.

Santi has also reportedly affirmed that she only demanded marijuana legalization for medical purposes, and not for recreational uses.

House: Discussion Will Involve Experts

The House of Representatives has commented on the news, saying that it will discuss the matter very carefully and will involve experts in the process.

“The [decision] to accept or reject the possibility of marijuana legalization can’t be rushed,” member of Commission III Arsul Sani said on Monday.

According to him, there have been groups that recommended the legalization of medical marijuana to the House’s commission that focuses on law and legislation. However, study and assessment will be conducted in a very thorough manner with the involvement of medical and pharmacy experts.

Despite saying the House might deliberate the issue, Sani said there will be no chance of similar discussion for recreational marijuana use.

“We’d like to firmly assert that we will not legalize marijuana for recreational uses as [allowed] in some countries.”

The House’s deputy speaker Sufmi Dasco Ahmad also suggested that a study will be conducted to see the possibility of legal medical marijuana use in Indonesia, but he couldn’t confirm whether the issue will be raised during the deliberation to amend Law No. 35/2009 on Narcotics.

“We’ll be coordinating with the technical commission, Ministry of Health, and others to respond [to the issue],” Ahmad said.

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