Indonesian Regulator Allows Four Drugs for COVID-19 Treatment

Arfi Bambani
Covid-19 Ilustration ( Faizin)
Covid-19 Ilustration ( Faizin) - Director of Supervision of Production of Drugs, Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Precursors of Indonesia's Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) Pharmacist Dra Togi Junice Hutadjulu MHA said that four drugs have received EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) permits or as COVID-19 therapeutic drugs. The EUA is an approval for the use of drugs during a public health emergency.

"The four drugs are Favipiravir, Remdesivir, Regdanvimab, and Molnupiravir," she said in a statement in Depok, West Java, Thursday, June 30, 2022.

In a discussion with the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Indonesia, she said that the Informatorium Edition 3 published by BPOM listed the names of the COVID-19 therapeutic drugs belonging to the antiviral group, including Favipiravir, Remdesivir, Molnupiravir, Proxalutamid, and Oseltamivir.

Although data from BPOM shows that the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia is in the preparation stage for producing COVID-19 antiviral drugs, and some of them are already actively producing these drugs, she reminded that no drug is completely safe. She said every drug must have side effects.

Therefore, the public is expected to use the official BPOM website or the "Halo BPOM" application to obtain accurate information related to drugs, so as to avoid hoaxes.

Students of UI held a public discussion to review a series of research and developments that have been carried out by medical personnel as a curative strategy for COVID-19 by presenting the Director of Production Supervision of Drugs, Narcotics, Psychotropics, and Precursors of the POM Agency, Hutadjulu, MHA.

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